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The Project

This integrated campaign created for the Italian market showcases B&B Hotels' journey towards 100% sustainability. Our concept revolves around creating the basis for a long-lasting communications system that embodies the hotel chain's unique character while shining a spotlight on their sustainable initiatives.

The campaign messaging focuses on the life and drive by the hotel chain’s employees and their guests, coined “Change-bringers”. With a $0 budget, our team focused on creating marketing material that leveraged existing chanels like their billboards and social media channels.


In a world where environmental concerns are paramount, companies are increasingly striving to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations. B&B Hotels is a value-for-money hotel chain founded in 1990 and operating in 14 European countries who is looking to embark on a journey towards 100% sustainability and chose the Italian market as the stage for their pioneering efforts. This case study delves into the innovative and impactful sustainability campaign designed for B&B Hotels, focusing on their commitment to change and the empowerment of their employees and guests as "Change-bringers".

Campaign Overview

B&B Hotels sought to differentiate itself from competitors by positioning sustainability as a core value and a central element of their brand identity. Through a partnership with SPD’s Fabrizio Piccolini and Giuditta Brusadelli, B&B Hotels contracted students to design a conceptual campaign to spark inspiration for this new positioning. The overarching goal was to create a comprehensive communications system that reflected the hotel chain's unique character while highlighting their sustainable initiatives. The campaign's key components included messaging, storytelling, and utilizing existing channels with a minimal budget of $0.

Concept: Empowering Change-bringers

The heart of the campaign was the concept of "Change-bringers" - a term coined to describe both the hotel chain's employees and their guests who actively contribute to making a positive impact on the environment. This concept shifted the focus from a traditional top-down approach to sustainability to a more inclusive and collaborative narrative. By empowering employees and guests as agents of change, B&B Hotels aimed to amplify the reach and impact of their sustainable initiatives.

Messaging Strategy
The campaign messaging was carefully crafted to center on the stories of the Change-bringers. These stories were designed to resonate with the audience, conveying the genuine commitment and enthusiasm of individuals who were making conscious choices for a greener future. Through relatable and inspiring narratives, the messaging aimed to create an emotional connection with potential customers and foster a sense of community around sustainability.

Marketing Material and Channels
One of the campaign's standout features was its ability to maximize impact with a minimal budget. Leveraging existing resources and channels, the our team repurposed billboards and harnessed the power of social media to disseminate their message. By creatively adapting these channels, B&B Hotels extended their campaign's reach without incurring significant additional costs.

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