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The Project

In response to shifting macroeconomic trends, LendingTree recognized the necessity to revolutionize its customer engagement strategy. The previous transactional experience failed to incentivize customers to return unless they sought another loan. The challenge was to create a platform that offered a personalized and deeply engaging experience, making customers feel valued rather than just a number. Through comprehensive research and iterative testing, the vision for the new platform, 'Spring,' was realized


Spring is more than a platform; it's an experience designed to infuse energy, optimism, and empowerment into the financial journey of LendingTree's customers. At its core, Spring is guided by a dynamic 'living line' that serves as a constant companion, directing members towards personalized insights and tailored actions to enhance and address their credit standing.

Spring is an extension of the LendingTree brand and as such, it needed a logo that fit within the established branding while also holding its own. The logo design was rooted in 4 pillars:
  • Emphasizes the optimistic spirit of progress toward reaching my financial goals
  • Captures the energy and movement of the name—both noun and verb
  • Underscores the ease and simplicity offered in the experience
  • Builds on the confidence and legacy of the master brand.

Early ideation exploring bringing in the 'living line' and LendingTree brand

Personalized Guidance
The 'living line' acts as an intuitive guide, leading members through their unique financial journey. Personalized recommendation cards form the backbone of the Spring experience, offering tailored insights and next steps for each member.

Demystifying Financial Concepts
Spring tackles the complexity of lending concepts by translating them into human terms. The platform aims to eliminate confusion and opacity in the financial space, providing clarity and understanding to users.

UI of Data Visualization
The energy and vibrancy of Spring extend beyond the 'living line' into features such as data visualization. Elements are designed following the ‘living line’ style.

Brand Expression and UX
From the UX design to the overall brand expression, Spring embodies a friendly and insightful 'ally' to users. The ally is a constant presence, offering support and guidance throughout the user journey, creating a seamless and comforting experience.

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