Planetario Milano Rebrand

The Project

The Civico Planetario Ulrico Hoepli, an established yet aging brand, sought to revitalize its identity and digital presence to remain competitive in the twenty-first century. The lack of cohesiveness in its current assets and the inability to match up to other planetariums in the digital landscape prompted the need for a comprehensive rebranding strategy.


The proposed two-step upgrade aimed at modernizing the Planetario's identity while preserving its universal appeal:

Simplify the name from "Civico Planetario Ulrico Hoepli" to "Planetario Milano."

Modern Visual Identity
Redesign the branding to reflect the new name and introduce a cohesive color palette.

The logo

The logo's motif drew inspiration from the circles within the Planetario, symbolizing unity and the celestial cycle of sunrise and sunset. The concept of coming together reflects the planetarium's inclusive nature, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers. The sunrise and sunset elements signify the start and end of the planetarium's shows, capturing the essence of its immersive experiences.

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